An Insurrection

Here’s what I wrote in my (offline) journal at the beginning of this January 6, 2021:

“It’s very possible that the runoff Senate election is going to favor the Democrats, which, after the hell-ride that was Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans? I feel a small bit of optimism.”

Well that didn’t last long.

By the end of the day, images of an insurrection fueled by Donald Trump flooded every channel.

Tuned in at this moment to see the American flag cut down from the US Capitol and thrown to the ground—replaced by a Donald Trump “NO MORE BULLSHIT” flag.

I had to look away. I had work to do.

And our country has so much more work to do.

By the end of the night I sat back down to get caught up.

Angry caricatures.

A lack of coordinated response.

Policemen beaten with “Thin Blue Line” flags.

Reported deaths.

My heart sank.

Was this experiment in democracy over?