He would have loved this paper

My Dad was an engineer. He ran a business for the good part of his life called GRAFIC Machine Shop, an acronym of “God Rewards A Family In Christ.”

He was always building inventions and filing for patents. He built a log splitter that worked both forwards and backwards (meaning you never had to wait a “reset it for the next log”). He developed a device to radically minimize diesel fuel emissions.

But his engineering mind also came into play at Christmas.

He was an incredible gift wrapper. He had a knack of getting every corner sharp, every fold perfect. Then he’d pass the gift to my mom and she’d somehow take some paper, a marker, branches and ribbon and zhuzh it up an extra level.

I didn’t get these genes directly, but I try to emulate.

I do know one thing, Dad would have LOVED this paper with the grid lines on the back.

If he thought of it, he would’ve patented it.