To play and make

On September 29, 2013 mom shared this photo and said

“I have started another project…re-doing an old fountain I have with shells. Yes, I collect them too. (Almost anything in nature is right up my alley). It is 36 inches tall. I will probably fill the base with loose shells so when any little ones come to visit they can pick some out to take home.”

Went over to the house to take care of my brother’s dog while he was at work.

I wandered the garden—having a moment with mom’s spirit.

In a few days it’ll be two years since she moved on…

I’ve heard the second year is hardest.

I’m inclined to agree but this year is the hardest for everyone.

What I remember most about mom was her enthusiastic affirmations that she was just going to do her own thing.

I miss her terribly, but I know what her heart would say to me in these moments.

Make time to play and make… and don’t worry about anything else.

My brother is keeping mom’s spirit alive in the house.

He set up these Russian dolls and other holiday decorations.

I miss being able to hug my family.

We’ll get through this.