a bit of look

Met Tom at his mom’s to grab some packages.

He was hanging up holiday wreaths outside the house.

Nice to see Barb and catch up with Tom’s youngest in the driveway for a quick spell.

They raved about one of the Magic Puzzles they did over Thanksgiving. It was a Kickstarter thing and hard to describe, but I’m intrigued. Amazon (ugh) has one of their puzzles available if you’re trying to find a gift for someone that likes puzzles. (link)

After that, I figured out how to make Kroger pickups quicker: Use the app to let the store know you’re on the way. They get things staged and then there’s little waiting when you arrive. Boom. Manifested!

On the way home I passed the Clifton Florist and noted their new coat of paint.

It’s a bit of look.

Maya Drozdz has a nice recollection considering their choices.

Honest sidenote: Clifton Florist never lets me down when I need flowers. Sign me up for a monthly subscription.