The current exhibition of things underneath my monitor

Days are fluid jumps from clients to coworkers, projects and unloading, sharing screens and in some instances, taking over control over someone else’s computer.

I’m getting better at key commands on Windows, but invariably flub things up every time.

The current exhibition of things underneath my monitor include:

  • These fantastic (blue) Microfiber Cleaning Cloths that I swear by for cleaning glasses and screens
  • A sun pin by Andrew Neyer
  • Toy Child from the Mandalorian
  • A Bubba patch
  • A hand drawn mandala by Dean Sabatino (website, instagram) — I owe Dean a little something in return and finally have an idea. His piece of art needs framed and hung on the wall. The Child can find some place else to stand.
  • There’s also some twine back there, a remnant of packing up Wire & Twine orders. Which reminds me, I need to send out an email for our final days of ordering. I haven’t mentioned it in the album here, but we’re winding it down so we can give ourselves a moment to think about what’s next with a clean sheet of paper. We’re excited, not sad.