Getting in some steps

Above? A glimpse of a favorite Cincinnati mural: Allegro. (A better view from a previous snapshot.)

Hopped in the car with no plans other than find a good place to walk around, then get some takeout food.

Drove through downtown and saw The Chong, Inc. building was sold and the business was gone. It had been pretty much been going out of business for 30 years (according my memory and folks on Reddit). Lots of places were gone. I always marveled at what they had on display. So did Ronny Salermo and he took some snapshots back in 2018.

The Chong Inc. Cincinnati
We Stand Together Landor
Kinley (a new hotel in Cincinnati)

New hotel, the Kinley. Stared longingly through the windows at the lobby and restaurant. The latter on a list of “most anticipated” American restaurant openings of 2020 (Citybeat article). I will reserve my dubious feelings about lists because I want restaurants to weather this storm.

Never Be Afraid
Dollar General, downtown Cincinnati
Jolly Shop Walgreens Cincinnati
Batsakes Hat Shop
Yum Yum

Alright. Now let’s switch to the angled section of photos.

Fascinating rehab of the building below. It’s going to be a Towneplace Suites by Marriot when complete. Yep, another hotel.

Future Towneplace Suites, by Marriot
House of Adam Men's Wear Cincinnati

House of Adam

Scotti's Italian Restaurant

Scotti’s Italian Restaurant

Black Lives Matter

Black lives still matter.

Crazy Cat, Crazy Quilt Edie Harper Mural

Crazy Cat, Crazy Quilt mural by Edie Harper.