Delightful to share

I met Lydia in St. Gallen Switzerland in 1993 or so—we were the only exchange students studying at the Schule für Gestaltung (School for Design). Our Swiss German was awful, but we somehow made it through the quarter. It was kind of awesome since computers weren’t really used there at the time, so we considered design from a very “handcrafted” perspective.

One particular type exercise had us using twigs and ink to make a poster. Maybe… it’s all a little hazy. Twigs were definitely involved at some point.

I do know that on February 19, 1994 we hopped on a train to see Nirvana in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. That was a-mazing.

We missed our train stop on the way home and had to work miracles to find a place to stay many, many years before the internet was a thing.

Anyway, short story shorter: At some point in time I reconnected with Lydia and her husband when they were living in Brooklyn. And at some other point she sent this package of photos and images I’d posted on my journal, printed neatly on watercolor paper, packaged in a box that fit them perfectly.

I keep this box near to me in the back of the desk wherever I work.

I dunno why.

Maybe to remind myself: it’s delightful to share.

Lydia? She continues to make and share wonderful things. See for yourself at her website and Instagram.