Physically distant dinner

The original thought was to simply get some Sotto to go, support a local restaurant and take a night off from cooking. But I figured it might be possible to share the meal with friends, safely.

The idea met with approval and I set up the first floor lounge as a makeshift restaurant with tables 12 feet apart.

And it was soooo good. First, the food! Sotto made these bake at home lasagna kits and provided very specific instructions on timing. Kathryn brought over some caprese. We put on a restaurant playlist. Raised our glasses from a distance and enjoyed feeling like the world was some sort of normal for a few.

Weeks later we’d share the same articles that would indicate this setup to be less than safe. Being in an enclosed space for an extended period of time was a recipe for viral spread. Major adjustments would need to be made. We just didn’t know it yet.