These are the days

Like many, I’m using this moment to welcome comfort foods.

We’re talking really bad choices.

I bought 3 twelve packs of Coke Zero for F sake.

I allow myself one a day, and honestly I really just drink half a can.

It’s just too much, and also just enough.

I should save the remainder for housework.

Link: Stuff you can clean with Coke.

The co-working studio has been quiet for about a week.

Everyone is sheltering and working from home.

Sometimes I crack my apartment door open and let Edie wander around.

She’ll stop by my desk for a game of Touch Me Don’t Touch Me.

I’ve been using a PC on the side. This particular one is a Surface Go.

It’s pretty fricking solid.

Great build quality.

Runs Adobe Creative Suite fine enough.

And Office is WAY more robust on Windows.

I now know how to make Visio templates with nice designed elements and can set the default attributes of shapes and text boxes in Powerpoint.

This is a major productivity boost.