Bear Hands & Irontom

We hedged on going.

But we figured if we took a bottle of hand sanitizer and kept our distance, it’d be okay.

Grabbed some pizza beforehand.

That would mark the last restaurant for a while.

(Why didn’t we go to Benihana!?)

I’d fathom Riverfront Live had about 40 customers spread out across their ample venue. (The venue used to be called Annie’s way back when.)

Irontom opened the night. Hadn’t heard them before but they… rocked. Weird, hooky, alt pop/grunge. I dunno, I’m not great with tags. In hindsight, their live show has more kinetic energy than their recordings.

Bear Hands followed. It wasn’t as rowdy or as beardy as 2016, but they were solid. The new songs sounded great live. Even from the back at a two top, behind the mixing board with a bottle of hand santizer.