The internet went down

The internet went down at the co-working space. Turns out, when the electricity briefly went out the day before there was an errant router or something. It became angry. Yada yada yada. Internet down.

Attempted to diagnose virtually by taking photos of all the boxes and cords.

Here’s the thing: I cut my teeth making websites on dial-up modems. I’ve spent weeks on a mountain with a satellite connection to the Internet. I understand all the flow of data and know how to lock things down and stay productive. In some ways having a trickle of internet while tethered to your phone is a great way to be MORE productive.

  • Austerity measures for synchronized folders
  • Turn off all automatic system / application updates
  • Stop checking email locally (do it through a browser and eliminate downloading attachments)
  • Squeeze every deliverable down to the smallest file size