Sausage and White Bean Cassoulet

It’s been a minute.

After that bit of travel ✈️, my days were filled with work and whatnot 🗓. The eventual unpacking 🧳. The task of laundry 🧦. The doing of work 💻 (and there’s been a fair amount to sort 🙏). And the making of food 🥕.

In the case of the latter and with the help of Casey, assembling this Sausage and White Bean Cassoulet. (I feel fancy just typing that out.) Also, it was super tasty.

The elephant in the room weeks after this photo was taken is the coronavirus pandemic.

Caution has closed our schools and museums, cancelled concerts and sporting events and caused the greatest shortage of toilet paper in the history of the internet.

Social distancing is the best approach to flatten the curve, and in many regards, I feel very well prepared for this.

My work has been remote for some years, relying on video conferencing, email, shared directories and online tools to help teams coordinate.

I get boxes of meals delivered which has replaced some restaurant nights out. It’ll be hard to avoid movie theaters, but it’s never been easier to get around that.

I could use all this time in to catch up on the ever growing list of things I want to watch

But I won’t hang my hat solely on passive couch time—that’s a recipe for stir crazy.

There are too many other things to do! Here’s a short list:

  • Sort photos from South Africa and share an album
  • Reorganize pantry
  • Make something from scratch from reorganized pantry
  • Read!
  • Learn 3D modeling
  • Write out a bucket list
  • Avoid consuming news throughout the day
  • Make a mini-zine
  • Shoot a short movie
  • Play a videogame, old or new
  • Start meditating in earnest
  • Pair socks and put the rest of laundry away

So in addition to all the things to stream, there’s lots to actually do!

And not freak out.