Out the window

view from plane of fields and river

I wonder if flight attendants have better behaving passengers these days. With all the seat back entertainment, wifi and mobile devices that can be used anytime, just seems like folks might be more placated (kids included).

All well and good I suppose, but it’s a bit sad to see all the shades down when there is such beauty out the window. I wonder when we’ll have bigger plane windows.

mountains and clouds from above from airplane

view from plane of California foothills

view from plane of California foothills and suburbs

San Mateo Bridge from above

Quote on seatback screen with Rainer Maria Rilke quote

Quote at the end of Jojo Rabbit. (Worth the watch)

View of San Francisco skyline from Virgin Hotel rooftop bar

Closed out the evening meeting members of the Gay Scouts over a cocktail at the Virgin Hotel rooftop bar. Lovely light reflected from the sunset.