First drone test

Erik let me borrow a drone so I could scratch the itch. I’ve been wanting one for some time but reticent to have another device collecting dust. Months later I still hadn’t fired the thing up and I was about to head out to California where I could safely return it so it was now or never.

We had a glorious break in the gray weather so I charged it up, watched some videos on usage and was airborne within the hour. Which way is up? What if I hit a tree? What if it falls on a car or a person? Geez it’s FAST! How do I take a photo? My heart was racing.

I didn’t figure it all out, but after scrambling back home to review footage, my heart raced in a different way and I was ready to do it again.

Here’s a bit of what I filmed below. It’s… rough.

Bonus? “Carmen Fantasy – Danse Boheme” performed by Joseph Tomasso & Jiwon Choi (Thanks to Joseph for letting me use it as a soundtrack)