At the dentist

Been going to the dentist with increased frequency of late. I’ve got a dud crown and as soon as I take a bite of food, something gets trapped in a gap around it. Then I’m that guy looking for a toothpick.

I’ve been trying to use a Waterpik with regularity and it’s keeping things at bay, but not improving the health of my gums. The pickle? Since there’s already a crown, insurance won’t cover a replacement. Fine enough, how about I pay for it out of pocket? Welp, turns out insurance dictates out of pocket cost to boot, which makes NO SENSE.

At the end of the day my #1 issue is healthcare—and that includes physical, vision, dental and mental health. As it stands, our system is non-functioning. My feeling is that if folks could confidently manage their well being, greater possibilities could emerge.

These are the things that run through my head as I am reclined and try to heed the text on the motivational poster.

Listening: “13 Pieces, Op. 76” Jean Sibelius, performed by Håvard Gimse