Even Rocky had a Montage

House recently released Ed Benguiat’s typeface Montage digitally. Great backstory about it here—make sure to watch the video. The fonts have been tested on a “bunch of House bullshit.” so they’re solid. I’m actually surprised they haven’t been available earlier.

I read the aforelinked story, saw the typeface, checked on their site and let’s just say all that de-cluttering I’ve been doing? It maybe was to make room for maybe just one more book. Admission: I’ve been a fan of House Industries from the get-go, but after seeing their show at the Henry Ford Museum, even moreso.

Speaking of which, their book about process has an introduction by JJ Abrams… I wonder if he ever approached them to revisit the Bad Robot type? My gut says he has not.

Listening: Indian Ocean” Unwed Sailor (via Jon Hicks)