On this dreary day I took a break, went downtown, looked at this fake Eames lounge chair and just a few blocks away examined a “real” antique one. I know it is low slung and looks nicer than it sits, but I’ve obsessed about this chair for a long time.

In a separate timeline, the tall version of this chair would be priced reasonably. (The tall version was introduced in 2010 “to accommodate the ever changing sizes of the population.”)

I texted a circle of friends… Get the fake one! Make a long term goal and save up for a real one. Are you crazy? Looks great! You won’t fit.

I begrudgingly left all the stores behind. This was a matter of contemplation that should happen AFTER organization.

So my mad cleaning kick continues. Over the past 3 years of living in this apartment, every surface and corner has been encroached by stuff and my focus is suffering. The goal is to pare down, move the computer out of the living room and make different areas of activity. Namely, I’d like a comfortable spot to Make, another one to Read and the main floor to Cook, Entertain* and Vegetate.

The truth is? I don’t need any more chairs to accomplish those tasks.

* I have so many board games. Some still wrapped in plastic. They need used and if they are poop I need to let them go. But most importantly? Things need to stop collecting dust.

Listening: “Rise” PiL