The Golden Age of Television III

The streak of sharing meals with friends continues. Joe and Mike were hosts and we had lots to catch up on… Engagements, software, stories of intrigue and retrieving stolen cars, and the new water cooler talk: What shows are you streaming? It’s a bunch of overlapping circles as we live through the Golden Age of Television III. These conversations help us reorder and manage the queues.

Because for me? The rule is generally: one show per night, if at all. (Unless it is the weekend and the weather is gross.)

Of course Fleabag
Devoured Mandolorian
Got on board with The Morning Show
Just started The Boys
Dallying with The Crown
Trying to figure out when there’s a new Good Place
Pondering if I should start Watchmen
Wondering who has a Showtime login for On Becoming a God in Central Florida
Waiting for Rick & Morty
One day going to tackle The Office, The Wire (maybe)
Those other seasons of Mrs. Maisel, Handmaid’s Tale, BoJack
Been told The Americans is good
There’s always Succession.
Will I ever finish Game of Thrones? Finale reaction makes me think, naw.

The list never ends, and I very much doubt we’ve anywhere near “Peak TV.”

Dinner dishes stacked, we gathered round the television to watch a favorite: Schitt’s Creek. This is one of those “you have to stick with it” shows. I was suspect for many a season, but its heart eventually won over. What I’ve found I like most in a show is if there is a character arc, if people change.

Take Transparent for example. Great set-up, but you eventually realize all these characters are selfish and frankly? Not really worth the investment.

So yeah, Schitt’s Creek. Final season streaming now in Canada. Which is a wonderful bonus because I thought it was already over! The Times has a night write up about the trajectory of the show.

For now? I’m going to try and find whatever way possible to watch it and savor every episode.