I change the cover photo on my home page, oh, about once a year? Maybe less. With the calendar flip I thought it was time to update and prune some weeds.

There were old albums and books listed there as well and that got me to thinking, I miss having a log of all the music I listen to (Audioscrobbler). Logged back into Last.fm and resurrected my account. So long as I use Spotify (which I still prefer over Apple Music), I can at least keep a record.

One tiny goal is to be more engaged in music and not fall prey to letting generated playlists fill in the gaps. Algorithms are fine for exploration, but I want to exercise more intention. Also on the list? Hook the record player back up. It’s been sitting in a new and horribly designed record player cabinet that doesn’t have holes for cords.

Listening: “Ursa Major” Suss (a recommendation from Tom after he visited Shake It)