Goodbye 2019

For the past, oh, 5 years? New Year’s Eve means grabbing a table somewhere for a prix fixe dinner. (I just looked up how to pronounce prix fixe after all this time. It’s PREE-FIKS!)

This year we landed at Boca and my word, it was just So. Damn. Fine.

We lucked out getting the library and managed to spread four courses over four hours. Everyone shared a bit of their plates so we were able to sample the entire NYE menu—a selection of favorite dishes and a few specialities for the night thrown in the mix.

Let me just say this, if you haven’t been to Boca and you’re anywhere near Cincinnati? Go. Make a night of it.

I highly recommend starting with the Pommes Soufflées “1949”, then someone should get the Scallop & Brussels Sprouts (even if you don’t like Brussels sprouts) and sample the Gnocchi Fonduta. Pretty much anything on the entire Land & Sea menu will treat you fine as a main course. My pick for dessert would be the Milk Chocolate Bavarois.

So yes. Every bit of all this was just wonderful.

But I would be remiss not to note, there were some empty seats at the table. How I wish I could go back and fill every single one of those seats and have shared the evening with more friends.

I’m not one to put too much stock into resolutions, but if I would make just one? It’d be to share more meals with people I love.

To 2020. (And thanks to Christine for snapping this proper photo)

a man holding up a phone to a mirror to get a picture of people around a restaurant table