Rabbit hole

So when I wrote about the Star Wars movie, I mentioned a Return of the Jedi drawing. I can see it in my mind, slightly yellowed paper, folded up in the midst of other memorabilia. I mentioned the rabbit hole of going through boxes a few days back.

There’s been a lot of nostalgia and reflection of late. These feelings exacerbate as the calendar flips to not just a new year—but perhaps a new decade—depending on who you ask.

I don’t think I have a year or decade in review post in me at the moment, but I do think the slow methodical documenting of days is prudent. Even if the centerpiece of the day is digging through old boxes.

There’s this intense feeling to sift, organize and compartmentalize… determining what to discard, what to keep and how to make it not feel overwhelmingly in disarray.

My inclination is to go out and buy some new boxes, but I actually have enough. I just need to let go of more things.

I’m keeping Kermit though. He stays along with Rowlf and Animal who are also in that particular box. I should mention, it pains me to have puppets stored in boxes because I think it hurts their feelings.