My 48th trip around the sun began with a workout. More on that in another post.

I got to the studio afterward and Tom presented me with a gift from his family. That picture above? That’s called Blenko Glass Factory and it is by none other than Charley Harper—a convergence of favorites I never knew existed.

The piece was originally published in the Ford Times digest in the 1960’s. He made lots of work for the publication over the years.

I had to shoehorn in a mountain of work this day, but I was motivated to sprint as there was much to do.

Treated to lunch by DJ.

Walked back through the neighborhood and crossed paths with Mak.

Popped into the new independent bookstore in Northside. WHAT? Yes! And it was a VERY GOOD bookstore. It’s called Downbound Books and they manage to pack in a ton of favorites in 500 square feet.

Back to work for a bit and then wrapped up the evening celebrating my shared birthday with Richard and our friends down in Kentucky.

First day of 48? Solid.

Richard and me, sharers of the same birth date and fortunate our worlds overlap.