Quality plants

A few years ago Tom and I picked up plants for the studio.

I have a weekly reminder to tend to them, which I acknowledge every other week… or so.

Surprisingly? These are the first plants I have not destroyed. (Knock on wood.)

Part of this is because they are forgiving varieties. The other part, I’m sure, is because they came from good stock. The ficus tree and snake plants (not pictured) are from a place called Fern up the street. Their small garage showroom is filled with beauty.

The big fern? That was my mom’s. She gave it to me to take inside three winters ago. I’m sure it was from Rahn’s greenhouse.

The moral of the story here is: All the plants I’ve ever bought at IKEA or Lowes or the grocery store die quickly. Find a good local source.

Bonus link: Introverted but willing to discuss plants tee.