Here to make friends, again

Tom and I have been pretty quiet on the Wire & Twine front. When we started the company 13 odd years ago with Wendy, we realized after some time that we’re all designers. When it came to marketing and scaling, we languished.

Other things began to fill up the days… the creative co-working space in Northside… design consulting… kids… other side projects…. and throw in some life in-between.

Lots of life in-between.

But we’d just done a weeklong workshop with design students at Miami University and it combined many of the things we love: music, working together, fun design, photography and screen-printing. We had a blast (and we hope the students did too.)

So we started to think about what 2020 might hold. We’d like to do more of these workshops with different groups. We’d like to get on the press more and enjoy the physicality of making.

But first? We needed to reply to some emails…

Many folks had written in over the years about Here to Make Friends. We’re positive this has everything to do with the t-shirt being in Austin Kleon’s book Steal Like an Artist.

Austin Kleon Steal Like an Artist page 100

So we made the design bigger and better and got it back on the press. For 2020? We’re dedicated to making new things and opening up the doors, because it’s really better together, and fun to share.

Two side notes:

  1. Every book by Austin is incredibly good for anyone that has ever been curious about creativity, the process of making, or staying motivated in any endeavor. Read them all!
  2. Austin also has one of my favorite weekly email newsletters that always inspires. Highly recommended.