Urban Walls: Allegro

Tucked between buildings and across from a parking garage is this mural called Allegro by Barron Krody. It’s among my favorite pieces of public art in Cincinnati and one of the last remaining of the nine original “Urban Walls” murals—a project launched by gallerist Carl Solway and his assistant, Jack Boulton in the 70’s.

I thought I’d shared a photo of it online before.

Technically, I have… The second website I ever made was based on a brochure by Liz Schuerer: A Guide to Public Art in Cincinnati. That links takes you to an archive of the site made in May of 1997. At 22 years old? It’s a bit… low res. Here’s the detail page about Allegro.

Students from the Art Academy of Cincinnati made a video about this mural in 2011.

Here’s an article from the (now defunct) Cincinnati Post about the site in their Cyberspace section no less! (Mom clipped the article and sealed it in contact paper.)

The artist, Barron Krody is still making wonderful art.

The Moma has a poster lithograph from the launch of the mural in their permanent collection.

There are a limited number of other lithographs floating around out there. I’m keeping my eyes peeled!

Bonus link: Image search for Supergraphics