Folding things together

After Kroger acquired Home Chef, I kind of fell out of favor with their meal kit approach. (Previously, I was enamored.) Better design and branding, but the fun and interesting recipes turned more into meatloaf and noodles.

I get Plated meal kits now, and super dig ’em. That’s not what this post is about really.

Plated included this fun little promo (above) along with a few sheets of origami paper in the August box. I sent this snapshot to some folks I used to work with at IDIO Technology Studios—our web design company in the late 90’s/early 00’s.

We had made a similar promotion for Halloween, sending out custom paper with CD-ROMs (!) that contained an interactive tutorial of the same origami project—often called a paper balloon. Our electronic version was a step by step guide you could click through with sounds and animation. We gave ourselves the challenge of making an interface with no words.

Here are a few screenshots:

I found the original (Macromedia Director) files and tried to revive the whole shebang, but alas, there have been way too many platform and software leaps to bring it back to life.

Which is a bit frustrating, that something you made simply doesn’t exist anymore.

Mental note: Document things thoroughly.

Other mental note: Many Technologies becomes obsolete.