What We Did on Our Holiday

What We Did on Our Holiday

Having escaped New York and spending the previous day with a bit of planning and prep (REI) for an upcoming safari, I took this Sunday night to chill the heck out and watch a movie.

I streamed “What We Did on Our Holiday” (Check Amazon Prime, but sidenote: Roku TV search is excellent when it comes to finding out WHERE to watch a particular movie.)

Short review: I super dooper enjoyed this movie. It’s a great family romp about life and marriage and kids and even the long view of things. Cheesy for some, perfect for me. It’ll probably most definitely bore the kids.

Here’s the trailer. I don’t think it really reveals the movie at all, and that is both a good and bad attribute. But if you are fine with the vibe you see there, you’ll probably REALLY like the movie, like I did.

Bonuses? Music by The Waterboys (a favorite song of theirs* outside of this movie) — plus performances by and David Tennant, Rosamund Pike and Billy Connolly.

* Room to Roam is Sooo GOOD