Look Around

Meredith said she’d be coming into town for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s event called Look Around. This was my first clue that it was something special. (She has a good spidey sense for these things. )

It was a hard event to grok… Artists spread around Washington Park, with more along a route from Ziegler Park… All told? About 600 musicians, poets, and dancers staggering performances throughout the spaces.

In some ways it was difficult to get from point A to point B, but the journey always had something to see or hear. It didn’t hurt that the weather was pretty great, creating a fine backdrop for the entire experience.

In hindsight, I’m glad it wasn’t a traditional show where you sit there and have the musicians move into view. It was active and demanded a bit more from the audience. That said, sometimes it was hard to see the artists.

With such things, there’s always a bit of the feeling that you’re missing something. You have to make choices. The good thing? There were no wrong answers.

But let me tell you, finding a bench to rest up when all was said and done? That moment came at just the right time.

Bi-Okoto on the south lawn.