Spoon, Cage the Elephant, Beck

Triple set at Riverbend: Spoon, Cage the Elephant and Beck.

Ticket purchased, mostly to see Spoon. They’ve been on my bucket list for some time, but maybe I’ve seen them before? I scrubbed through some older music posts and nothing emerged other than a strong desire to port my old journal over to WordPress and run a dead link report.

Spoon was good. Extra loud, which may have been an effect of the outdoor venue, but overall? Filed under “yay”.

I didn’t know Cage the Elephant before today and they certainly charged the crowd with sweat equity. I kept hoping for the lead singer to take at least one coat off (it was hot this day). He complied. By their last song he was barely wearing anything. Essentially we saw a 19 song striptease.

Beck closed things out with a set that was too short, but sound ordinances kept the music from going on too late. A bit more canned backing vocals than I’d like, but the band had super high energy. It didn’t soar as much as the Midnite Vultures tour I’d seen 19 years ago (setlist), but I’m gonna pin the venue on this one.

An amphitheater obliterates a fair amount of nuance.