My friend Heather Brown and I debate the emphasis of syllables of Petsmart. Is it PETS-mart or pet-SMART? I’m confident it is the former.

I went there to get Edith her favored kibble as she is not liking the hippy grain-free version purchased to curb her intermittent vomiting. (I should mention, I have removed any deep pile carpet in my apartment to make life easier for us both.)

Anyway, PETS-mart had this male Chinchilla for $149.99 which I did not purchase.

Some bulletpoints from his placard:

  • Lifespan: Average 10 years
  • Activity: Mostly active at night, adaptable to daytime activity
  • Compatibility: Social, do best in same sex pairs. Easily Tamed.
  • Traits: Very intelligent. Overheat easily. Should be kept in a cool environment.
  • Habitat: Multi-level

Sounds vaguely familiar… Though what animal wouldn’t prefer a ranch style house?