The Muppet Movie 40th Anniversary

Is THIS where my love of color began? 

Returning to a theater to see one of the first movies I’d ever seen, 40. Years. Later.

Just the sheer number of years should make me feel old, but hearing those first plucks of banjo and floating through the clouds down to the swamp? There’s some goosebumps there. And I was still delighted and had no idea how they made Kermit ride that bike.

I think I’ve kept some wonder intact.  I’ll try my best to keep a firm grip on it.

The movie? It holds up quite well, with enough winks to the camera to keep things moving right along. (doog-a-doon doog-a-doon)

Extra bonus? Catching folks from Night of the Living Podcast afterward. Extra style points for them.

Sadly, no rainbows outside, but the sunset was a’ight.