Pride without the parade

I would miss the big Pride parade, but I was able to feel it tangentially. It started with this special edition MTA card that Thor had ready and loaded for my arrival.


Billboard in the West Village

Julius’ – the oldest continuously operating gay bar in the city. (These demarkations always need a modifier.)

The Pride & Passion cocktail that Thor ordered at Robert. (bonus points for pansy garnish)

Inside Oscar Wilde, The Restaurant™—tacky like a Cracker Barrel, with slightly fancier food.

Crowd sourced messaging at Fishs Eddy.

The gay display at Kmart at Penn Station.

Srsly, everywhere there were rainbows. (Yay🌈!)

Caught Trick for the first time at the Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn (also my first time being at one of their theaters.) The movie was super adorbs and also VERY GOOD. How did I miss this? Extra awesome bonus? Q&A with the director above who was joined by cast and crew after the show!

Thor’s socks.

Some fruits.