Subway murals

There is A LOT of art cropping up in the subways of New York.

This particular mosaic by Vik Muniz features my friends Thor & Patrick. I’m sure they’ve lost count how many times they’ve recreated the pose in front of it for visitors, but I caught them in a particularly playful moment.

From the MTA description for this body of work:

Vik Muniz photographed more than three dozen “characters” who represent the unique and quirky kinds of people one encounters on the subway. These photographs have been recreated in mosaic and installed throughout the mezzanine and entrance areas, populating the station with colorful New Yorkers of all stripes. With the generous expanse of the mezzanine concourse, the figures humanize the space and provide bursts of color and visual interest, providing an opportunity for playful discovery while moving through the station.

I quite liked this mural/mosiac by Chuck Close to boot: