Whenever I see this cat, it means I’m doing something responsible: handling an estate, due diligence, channeling mom’s perspective, understanding the state’s requirements and mitigating the possibilities.

I’ve learned many things over the past eight months, but one major lesson is that all of us need to address the inevitable.

Everyone in our lives deserves to know how we want things to play out–the more detail, the better—and get a human involved! Even if you create a Will and Testament online, schedule a review with a real-life attorney.

My family is lucky that mom had things pretty well handled, but naturally there are details I’d love to ask her more about.

Then again, I’d love to ask her lots of things about all sorts of topics.

Which gets to the other big lessons that have emerged, but were always there:

Make plans.
Put down the device.
Do the things with the people you care about.
Go to the places.
Have the conversations.
Wonder together.