Jim doesn’t routinely hold fake shrubberies, but he has one for breakfast — a routine that is. Hopefully it’s okay if I reveal it publicly to the 7 folks who follow along to this photo journal.

There are a few significant parts to this routine: the composition of the meal and the mental process of cooking. Every ingredient has been chosen to provide some sort of health benefit and keeps on the shelf (or in the freezer) with some efficiency.

Then there’s the order in which things are done: take out the eggs to warm to room temperature, get one slice of Ezekiel bread from the freezer, chop fresh garlic, tear parsley, get the vinegar, kosher salt and kimchi ready.

Jim does this every morning, and it has turned into a meditation to start the day.

I realized recently (when I tried to do a skin care regimen) that I simply am not good at keeping a routine. I very much hope to change that.

My reality is likely: I need constraint to conform—some parameter or requirement that minimizes error.

That’s on me.

As for Jim’s breakfast, I think I have a handle on how to poach eggs now, and combined all together? This routine was super tasty.

Jim Corbett of St. Louis' daily breakfast