Dogs barked

Long day of the photoshoot with Jim, but man oh man, to see his process and through his eyes. He does great work. I’ve always joked he takes forever setting up a shot, but now I see why. He’s actually considering EVERY SINGLE DETAIL. The time of day, angle of the camera, what’s on that side table, sense of depth, reflections on the tables / windows / laptops. It was a joy to assist and rethink how I look at things in my own photography.

But I’ll leave interiors and exteriors to the professionals.

At some point we realized we needed some models for an interior from exterior shot and I texted my neighbor Mak and she came over with a handful of friends and saved the day. They came up to join a small group already on the patio and the mixing of different worlds came to be. Pretty sure everyone had fun.

Me? I quadrupled my move goal for the day.

Dogs barked.