A living wall, and more VR

This living wall in Corryville is quite nicely done

We’ve been in this sweet spot of weather where all I want to do is have folks over and grill out. This evening my nephews and great niece came over for burgers.

There was also a chunk of time to try out the VR. I’m coercing everyone to try it because it does feel like some entirely new era of interaction. These shifts are always fascinating.

I want to stay optimistic about this, but I see the pitfalls, the visions of WALL-E and Ready Player One. Being “all in all the time” is inevitable, but it’s also just a different pane of glass. It’s already happening now. Sure, maybe this version will delight more senses and even begin to get kinesthetic, but… we’re already seeing the problems when real-life takes a backseat.

For now? I shall relish in the delight.

The emotional feeling of looking around a meaningful place on the map by turning your head and being immersed in the still frame (Wander). While looking at the exact same data on a smaller screen just doesn’t have anywhere near the impact. The difference is pronounced.

Plus also? Beat Saber.