Around Ziegler Park

Took a walk around Over-the-Rhine and Pendleton neighborhoods.

The pool at Ziegler Park has a new whimsical mural by Andrew Neyer. You can kind of see it back there. Here, let me crop in…

That same park has this incredible oak tree.

Across the way? This old diner that has struggled to make a go of it for decades might finally have it’s day… Sugar n Spice is opening its second location there. (Their wispy pancakes are delicious and I am thrilled by the prospect.)

This Tesla had some rainbow magic in the treatment of the sunroof/roof that made super pretty colors.

Last snapshot from the afternoon: This tidy abode with a single carport across from the park.

Not pictured? Writing thank you cards at a restaurant bar waiting for lunch to arrive. Hearing everything so clearly, including each bite of salad. Wandering without an agenda. Feeling loss but not lost. Aimless with guideposts. A hello in the alley to an artist. Two street celebrations a bit hampered by the drizzle. Coming home to curl up sit and read a book. Cat in my lap.