Aladdin at the Drive In

Before Thor had to jump on a train back to NYC, he had a drive-in on the list of potential things to do.

Double feature of Aladdin and Detective Pikachu at Holiday Auto Theatre up in Hamilton, Ohio.

One of the great things about this drive in? They hand paint promotional signs for every movie. In this case? A smoking lamp. They seriously need a tip jar for their resident artist.

After Thor found a solution to cover up the daytime running lights of a Ford Explorer in front of us, we were able to enjoy the movie. (Shame on Ford for making turning off your friggin’ lights so friggin’ difficult.) I am reminded, everything is better with a button or a knob and not an interface with nested menus.

The movie? It was aight. Hard to top Robin Williams, but the CGI was solid. We didn’t have enough gumption for the second flick. It was time to make the haul home.

Drive in theater at dusk