My friend’s son is moving from Montessori to high school. It’s a big leap and the year end ceremony has lots of emotion. Not just for the graduating 8th graders, but for the younger students moving from one plane of learning to the next. Everything is described along the way so it makes sense even to those that don’t totally understand Montessori education (raising hand here).

This is only my second gradation ceremony here, but every time I drift off and wonder how my life would be different had I been taught using these concepts. Then I wonder, why can’t I just learn them now?

Others have asked this same question:

…the goal of adult education is different from that of child education. The child is constructing the adult; the adult is adding to an already-existing completed personality. The difference between these goals should not be underestimated.

My favorite part of this night? All the students moving up get an introduction by one of their teachers and it’s always very touching. We get a glimpse of each child’s personality, strengths and contributions to the classroom community. I can imagine it is a Herculean task to write each of these, but it never fails to delight. Emotion in the voice of the teacher as they read aloud, while the student stands in the spotlight, squirming attentively.

Bonus shot? Me with the family:

A family portrait at a graduation