Pizza pizza

Two different pizza joints in one day.

I didn’t go through the Little Caesars drive-thru pictured below. It is in the parking lot of the brewery where a group of friends gathered to celebrate a birthday. I don’t really eat Little Caesars much, but I dig capturing menu boards (zoom!). My memory of the pizza chain is largely from wanting a slice of pepperoni very much whenever we went to K-mart back in the day.

Little Ceasar's Pizza drive thru menu

Semi-related: Little Caesars freshened up their brand last year and did a very nice job. It’s one of those instances if you blink you might miss what is different, but the details really help make everything sharper.

Earlier in the day, I helped give feedback during an AIGA portfolio review day. First time doing that, but had a good time giving some insight to graduating seniors from design programs. Lead with your favorite work and don’t make me think or click a lot summed up the advice.

Treated myself to a simple Margherita pizza afterward at Midici.

This is why my shirts aren’t comfortably buttoning.

Margherita Neapolitan pizza

Post update: Midici’s Cincinnati location closed in 2020.