A (really quick) trip to Hawaii

I was over halfway there, being in the Los Angeles area for work. My inner dialog said, why not pop over to Hawaii for the weekend?

So I did.

Once I arrived, the memories started flooding back. I had 3 hours to kill before checking so I had lunch at the hibachi grill that was just around the corner. (A few months ago it was called Benihana, but now it’s called Rocky’s, and it was my first experience of this place. It would become a staple of birthdays and special events for my family ever since.)

I wandered the grounds for a bit afterward and then headed up to my room. When I stepped through the door, I’m pretty sure I said “Oh My God” ten times as I saw the view. Sadly, because of jet lag and some scrambling, I didn’t make it to the sunset fireworks that night, but I would find a way to make this weekend in Oahu jam packed with goodness.

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