Gay Scouts Jersey

I designed this jersey last year for the San Francisco Gay Scouts, a group that formed in 2011 to:

  1. Give back to the LGBT community,
  2. Learn about LGBT history and culture, and
  3. Become well rounded individuals.

2018 was their first AIDS LifeCycle event, and they’re gearing up to ride again this year. I just sent off some bandanas for fundraising and realized I never documented this project. It was a joy to bring to life. I’m looking forward to making some adjustments to freshen up this year’s kit.

Some of these badges are self explanatory, but a few leave folks curious. The candle is for the vigil, the red dress is for a tradition of wearing a red dress on a particular day of the ride, and the whiskered critter is for the Otter Pop stop (popsicle stand on the grueling day 2).