Travel haircut and thoughts on photo edits

Edie in repose + me attempting a flattering selfie with expression and angle to combat the drawn out look I normally convey

A fella named Adel wrote in and asked about the before/after effect showing unedited photos on here. Where did it go?!

Long story long, there are a variety of reasons why that feature became a bottleneck.

  • It adds complication.
  • I’m attempting to edit much less these days. (In fact, I’m mortified by how I edited photos a decade ago. So antiquated.)
  • I’m more interested in the catalog of days with this album, favoring historical views of datasets over the history of a single photo. I’m looking for life patterns.
  • It took a lot of time to make this before/after feature happen, and it is a large part of why I get backlogged.
  • Before and after photos make searching assets difficult. If, eventually, I want to search media and not posts, results will be multiplied. (Unless there’s a function to not display images that had the “og” (original) tag.
  • I’m always looking for the better way.

For concession sake, if a photo edit is particularly dramatic, I’ll include the original and make note.  🙂

Post note: This photo edit is not particularly dramatic.