Don’t let adulthood corrupt you

A sign by Paul Shortt

The message on this sign has little relation to my experience at a new dermatologist on this last day of February.

On second thought, aging often produces keratosis (skin blemishes) and those feel like meddling or corruption of one’s container.

Fingers crossed a little bit of liquid nitrogen will fix my blemish right up. I also wanted advice on a skin care regimen which I’ll record here because I’m going to lose this slip of paper and I’m tired of being oily.


  1. Wash face with gentle cleanser (like CeraVe or Cetaphil)
  2. Use a pea sized amount of Vitamin C & E lotion (also available as drops)
  3. Moisturize (again, small amount of the aforementioned brands or fancy it up with something like SkinMedica)


  1. Wash with gentle cleanser
  2. Use a small amount of Retinol cream
  3. Moisturize

We’ll see how this goes.