Elegant unfrosted sides

On the counter this morning? Remnants of dessert that was unfortunately left in my care. Unfortunate because I will cut very small pieces of it throughout the coming days and finish it on my own.

Casey mentioned it featured “elegant unfrosted sides” and I didn’t know what he was talking about until (very) close examination—and there it was, the size of a penny, this proclamation.

Who knew I had the ability to decorate cakes in an elegant way my entire life and I always took it too far by trying to cover the sides.

I had a couple of folks over for dinner the previous night to watch the first part of the Oscars, knowing that if we made it halfway through, it would be a feat.

My goal was to serve guests a recreated recipe from Plated of Cranberry-Garlic Chicken but like always, it never hit the high notes of the actual meal-kit (which was super good).

Speaking of which? Try Plated and I’ll get 10 bucks worth of credits and you’ll get a boatload of savings. I seriously do very much like the service. This affiliated link will wither as the digital world turns. Act now!

The Oscars were totally fine without a host. I’m glad they didn’t regulate best cinematography to a commercial break. I have no other opinions other than: Experience things people make and let’s celebrate all those things.

Unrelated? The typeface on the Kroger price tags is Hobo, and I think that’s pretty awesome.