Tasty Conversations: Tartine + Sazerac

making a Sazerac

Constructing a Sazerac

The Hive is a place that blends contemplation with creative acts through classes, workshops and events. It’s just around the corner from where I live and I’ve been contemplating taking a class for as long as they’ve been there.

Soon, I always say. But I’m catching up to soon! Looking at their schedule, the hard part is to pick which things to try.

I popped in for their happy hour that celebrated the cocktail from New Orleans and an incredibly delicious tartine by Jeffrey.

It started as a small group so we began a thread to share a recent gift we had personally received that was meaningful.

There was talk of hospitality, gratitude of connection and thriving creativity to name a few, but then more folks poured in through the door and it was time to break back into smaller conversations.

I didn’t officially share a gift with the group, but I did thank the person who gave me one.

I met Jeffrey Miller (who made the tartine) at People’s Liberty while he was doing a project to educate folks about food waste. He’s extremely passionate about the topic and holds events to celebrate imperfect food—you know, a bruised apple or the too soft avocado… I shared that he changed my thinking about the matter and now he’s beside me every time I go through the produce aisle favoring the flawed vegetables and fruits.

That’s a gift in my book. As was tonight’s cocktail, tartine and the conversations.

half a tartine