YES PLZ coffee and newspaper

There are many kinds of gifts in the world, some happen through experience or acknowledgement, some occupy a physical space in your life, and some are simply enjoyed and consumed.

I’m sure I could think of a few more.

(In fact, I would consider the notion of gifts the following day while having tartine and a Sazerac at The Hive, but I’m getting ahead of myself.)

Today was rainy. We’ve had a lot of precipitation in these parts of late—lots of overcast skies to encourage productivity inside and maybe a bit of hibernation.

Perfect days to take extra time and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Thanks to a good friend, I’ve been enjoying blends from YES PLZ. They ship out 250 grams of roasted coffee coupled with a newspaper dedicated to a particular topic. It’s all packaged up so very well, and the coffee has been delightfully flavorful but not overbearing.

(Insert five emoji stars and a hat tip to Mr. Pratt)

Rain through window

Rain droplets through screen with shallow depth of field #46,729,021