Without too much fanfare (outside of this post) I deactivated my Facebook and Messenger accounts. At some point I’ll swoop in and reactivate, maybe? There is content I want to stay alive in that context. But I’ll create a post to reach me though this website and not Messenger, and then log back out.

But for now? I needed a break from that inelegant platform for staying in touch.

Sadly, Instagram is fast becoming as rackety.

I believe there is good in sharing thoughts, feelings and snapshots of our days with folks online.

I believe in chronological timelines.

(I also want to see the daily specials from the local restaurant / joints I follow, but that’s another can of beans.)

I believe it’s best to avoid the comments section, and frankly? Facebook just seems like the comments section anymore.

I’ll sit tight. Someone is going to make a good platform for social connection, someday.