M&Ms chocolate bars

Confection package design

Good light streamed into the apartment so I figured I’d capture these M&M chocolate bars before I tore into each one. I have a history of photographing candy bars. Examples: Snickers varietals, Wrigley’s gum 2007 redesign, 2004 redesign, Reese’s Inside Out, Kit Kats, Snickers Crisper, Wrigley’s Cool Green Apple and Snickers Fudge.

As for the new M&M’s chocolate bars? I’ve only had the peanut so far, but the chocolate itself is Dove-like (A bit richer and more creamy than most American chocolate). The bits of peanut and M&M balanced well. I wish the form perforations were more consistent for tearing off equal pieces, but overall? It tastes premium. All that said? I’m not a fan of cartoon characters on packaging.

And thus concludes this year’s review of candy and packaging.